What will you learn

  • Data Modeling
  • Create Charts and build design Layout
  • Data Manipulation

What will you get

  • Learn relevant analysis on Workforce
  • Best practices in Dash boarding
  • Data preparation and transformation


  • Knowledge in Data warehousing
  • Good analytical ability

Project Description

Build dashboards around workforce areas such as cost, productivity, overtime, scheduling and absence. Identify problem area and conduct root cause analysis and determine necessary course of action to avoid unpredicted expenses. Predict labour expense and stay within budget. In short, practicing on this live project, help you master workforce performance insights to keep in line with expectation.

Project Outline:

"Absenteeism at work" from “UCI machine learning repository” contain data for service time, Absenteeism time along with various other details such as distance from residence to work and other social factors such as smoker, having pet and son etc.

The record set is for pure field work, hence forth, weight, height, body mass index has too been captured along with the reason for absence.