What will you learn

  • Data Understanding and Manipulation
  • Data Modeling

What will you get

  • Best Practices for data loading
  • Data Governance


  • Good in data warehousing

Project Description

In School and Individual Student Performance Live project, build trends and in-depth analytics at a complete school and demographic level.  Map analytics to teachers’ performance, school budget, and school culture and values. These insights are used to make reports and recommendations to bring out the best strategies for class-wise teaching instructions.


Learn ways to evaluate student performance in classrooms. Provide extra attention to those seeking an early intervention, thereby reducing student retention rate. Master Data analytics to have better achievement outcome, give students the competitive edge and empower the teachers in education industry.

Project Outline:

Student performance data set from “UCI machine learning repository” has data for two different secondary school, home address type (Rural or urban), family size and parent's cohabitation status.

We compute different Key metrics and KPIs to analyse this data set.

Along with, we shall segregate different dimensions and modify the existing time dimension for building various matrices by school such that we can perform point-in-time reporting.