What will you learn

  • Pull various data sources in Qlikview
  • Load the data and edit created scripts
  • Build various charts and Tables
  • Create calendar ,mapping table and cross table
  • Create Input box and variable for getting user input

What will you get

  • Get access of Excel , Access database and XML data
  • Complete access to Business requirement and steps for the completion of project


  • Good RDBM skills
  • Familiar in writing SQL is required

Project Description

In Sales Performance Live project, Student masters Sales Analytics needed primarily for retail, manufacturing and Life science industry. Build KPIs, dashboards, and reports that drive current and future revenue opportunities. Learn to analyze sales and revenue opportunities, accelerate sales cycles, and analyze sales productivity and effectiveness in the organization by providing real-time and in-depth insights into every sales opportunity and customer information.


Master strategies to increase sales revenue with end-to-end sales process analysis by performing pipeline analysis, accurate forecast, and sales performance of product, customer segment, sales, channel, sales territory, customer segment, product, order type, marketing campaign, geography, sales territory, sales organization, sales channel, store type, store location, and many more.

Project Outline:

Create Data model using different Joins and Mapping tables. After loading different tables, we  require creating and building calculated fields. Also, we grasp and execute preceding load. 

We create master calendar and build fields such as year, week, month, day, weekday, quarter etc. 

Understand which chart to be used for specific analysis. Understand different properties and apply these for list box, multi box and table box. Following same notion, build various charts and tables  such as line, bar , scatter, gauge, mekko, pie , pivot and straight  table.

Learn various analysis that can be performed the dataset and metrics which can be computed out of the data set.