• CSE
Tirtharaj Ghosh
  • Jr. Associate BI
  • NewAmps
Ratnadeep Halder
  • Jr. Associate BI
  • newAmps Technology LLP
Sushanta Das
  • Associate Trainee Data Science
  • Newamps Technologies LLP
Niranjan Canon
  • Associate Trainee Data Science
  • newAmps Technologies LLP

Why hire livedatascience Interns?

 There is acute shortage of highly-skilled talent. Livedatascience candidates are practical learners. They’ve analytical skills and have undergone intense programmes in data science, data analytics, deep learning and machine learning. The programmes had 10+ business use cases and Live Project review for each individual.

We know your specific requirements and design or upgrade every programme and course by Industry consultants from comprehensive analytical solution provider. Livedatascience’s easy to use platform ranks qualified candidates on the basis of completion of various projects and live exposure so far. We help you to choose the correct candidate.

Hire with Peace of Mind

Livedatascience’s Internship Programme provides practical, job-ready learning on proven technical skills. Working on various Business Use cases and Live Project environment with dedicated Project Manager exposes Student to pure practical learning path. As emphasis is on Practical from Day one, so you are assured that the candidate shall perform outstanding on your role.

Shortened Search

 We understand perfectly that having in-demand skill doesn’t make candidate eligible. Browse through our candidate pool that project-ready candidates are rather being just job-ready. Filter for various project sub-categories and assess applications based on jobs and responsibilities performed during the internship programme.

Stay Competitive

 Bring the technological evolution to aid your business. Leave behind your worries and dive into our pool of in-demand skills and make most out of them.

100 + Joined Learn. Grasp. Master. Apply.

Take our Course. Practice in Live Projects. Use our Labs.

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