2 Months

    Certificate from newAmps

    For Fresher & Working Professionals

    2 Months Intense Training

    Choose between 6 Courses

    15 days+ Live Project

3 Months

    Certificate from newAmps 

    Lecture from Best Industry Experts

    Routine peer review Session

    6 Industry-Driven Courses

    30 days+ Live Project

6 Months

    Learn from newAmps

    3 Industry-Driven Courses

    Real-life Use cases

    Open Discussion Forum

    45 days+ Industry Live Project 

12 Months

    Dedicated Practical Use Cases

    1 Industry Live Project

    End-to-End Project Implementation

    Interact with Real Project Team



Livedatascience Advantage

         Collaborate with Industry Consultants and have Successful and Fulfilling Career

·        Open Discussion Session – Interact one-to-one with Industry Experts on every classroom session

·        Live Assignment – Solve 10+ Case Studies  and start doing it from Day 1 and all the while get mentored by best Industry Consultants

·        Live Project – Work on Real Project under Real Project Manager for Real Client. Master Skills from Real experience. 

·        Actual Interview – Participate in Real Interviews conducted by Technical Expert. Know your shortfalls and work upon it.

·        Blogs – Learn latest trends in Data Science and Data Analytics

How do the livedatascience work?

         Choose among 14 courses as part of your Internship

         Internship shall fast track your way to Data-driven Career. Work in Live project with Industry Consultants and master your learning path.

         Evaluation and Mentoring

         Dedicated Training Manager Helps with routine peer reviewed assessment and conduct classroom forum for doubt-clearing.

         Practice in Industrial Environment and build project over Real Data under guidance of Industry recognised project manager.

          Get Certificate

          Master skill is valued by comprehensive analytical solution provider, and receives a certificate that which is recognized by them.


            Which Internship programme should I take?

Each program we offer converts data into actionable insights, achieve goals and objectives by identifying key metrics and adhere to data governance standard. In fast technology-changing world, master practical industry-required concepts such as data mining, data modelling, statistical analysis, business intelligence, trending & benchmarking and data warehousing from comprehensive analytical solution pioneer. Practice on REAL data and assess business situation, challenges and master business solution. We take pre-interview for every student and motivate them to follow learning path which is deeply rooted to their inner passion and also each course under this programme has job-assisted career prospect. Learn about Seminar, Job opportunities, enrol yourself at https://www.livedatascience.co.in.

             I’ve never programmed before. Can I still take Internship programme?

Our programme requires no programming experience whatsoever. Each of this programmes equip you with fundamentals, tools, basic and advanced technical know-how. In addition, we take interviews for our internal positions and other job opening in your area of interest. So, checkout our various Internship programme at https://www.livedatascience.co.in/intership-program.

             If I take Internship programme, does Livedatascience guarantee me a job?

Our student has dedicated Training Manager and dedicated Project Manager, during the programme; they have access internal job interviews at newAmps technologies and other hiring partners who are regularly hire Livedatascience talent. While our entire programme is built with career prospect in mind, you must enrol into our job-assisted Internship Programme to avail career services.