React.js course is designed for web developers who to up skill their web developing skills in tune with fast-changing industry. Understand React’s difference from other JavaScript frameworks. React is actually mainly a view layer, which is beneficial for use in teams and promotes well-organized code. The main focus of this course is to build simple components and integrate these into more complex design components. Apart from implementing components, manage data, handle events and apply router.

a. React.js enables developers to master user interface developing skills with ease

b. Build React.js applications using React router, data flow and usage with react, bootstrap and CSS, and React middleware.

Key Features

  • Emphasis on through understanding of Concept
  • Apply and Practice on Real data

What you learn?

  • Introduction to React
  • Component Implementation and Composition
  • Manage data
  • State and props implementation
  • React to Events and Event handling
  • Router Implementation (Covers routing concern)
  • Flux pattern
  • Component-Level Styling

What you get?

  • Study Materials
  • Hand-Ons Assignment
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