Data Science

In this course, implement analytics in R or python programming. Clean data at a raw level and help to create advanced machine learning algorithms that covers both supervised and unsupervised learning. Learn and practice on various concepts of data science in a structured manner and see for yourself how to interpret results on various data sets. Grow  advanced analysis and visualization abilities. Our Classroom session provide pure practical learning path.


  • Build Charts and Visualizations

    Learn how to build effective data visualizations and communicate with various stakeholders.

  • Data Engineering

  • Learn the entire data science process from running pipelines, transforming data, building models, and deploying solutions to the cloud.

  • Recommendation

    Design experiments and analyze statistical test results. Build recommendation systems.



Key Features

  • Proficiency in manipulating, analyzing and visualizing data
  • Solve and Practice over 10+ Business use cases
  • Master skills from Industry Consultants and Practitioners
  • Grow your analytics skills

What you learn?

  • Prepare Data
  • Learn Inferential Statistics
  • Understand Data Mining
  • Visualise Data
  • Explore Machine Leraning
  • Perform Predictions
  • Estimate Likelihood of Events
  • Build Recommendations
  • Ensemble Model
  • Clustering
  • Text Mining

What you get?

  • Pure Practical Live Environment Set up
  • Classroom session with Experts
  • Doubt-clearing sessions and assignment review
  • Master high in-demand programming skills
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