New Technical Skills need New Talents

Though 2nd quarter of 2019 is on-going and B.tech graduates are already cleared their final examination or waiting patiently for the semester result. Many of those have already are still out there looking for a job, small fraction of them are placed and few of them are considering higher studies and remaining of the section couldn’t be contacted.

We, at newAmps , work in Data Science vertical that essentially covers Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Recently, we had opening for few hot jobs on our pay scale, there were 3 positions and all these positions require minimum experience in Technical skills. Now, the question is what these skills are first and then should you learn other new skills, how to start and get mentored such that I stay competitive with modern era technologies.

Based upon our nature of work, we found that we have immediate need for the following TECH skills:

a.      Functional Programmer

This programmer should have at least 1 year experience in Java / Scala / Clojure

He should have completed development life cycle on BigData platform. He should have used different Charts to represent business decision making analytics. Or he could be contextual programmer or IoT platform integrator. His approach should be such that he should be interested to learn Clojure and AI with sound Logical Ability and API driven programming concepts.


b.      React JS developer

Here, the person should know Java and Python along with React JS.

None of the above skill is taught at advanced level in present educational institution or college. Henceforth, student faces great difficulty in getting job because how much can they learn by reading through various articles in Google or how much can they learn in FREE from youtube. Though, I am not saying that the articles and youtube channel aren’t worth visiting but how can be assured that the curriculum they follow is best and can help them in performing outstanding at the role they please to take in future.

Our Livedatascience’s courses are just right for fresher who are out of college.  These courses are taught by Project implementers so you gain practical exposure right from day 1. Get familiar with Business problems and build solutions to create intuitive self-service dashboard and perform adhoc and pinpoint analysis. You learn what we do and how we do, may be by the end of the programme, you too contribute to our experiences. So, read the live data today and perform the science with us !

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Kaveri Bhar

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