Build Dashboard using Native BI

As many business are moving to Data Lakes where data is both large in scale and fast moving, but data discovery from data lake is difficult. Since tradational tools  are designed for datawarehouse and similarily, BI Tools have limited value for data lake. There are multiple pain areas such as data movement, performance modelling for large data etc. 

I was fortunate enough to build POC for financial institution who specifically wished to store data into Cloudera. As, we know Arcadia was not retrofitted to Big Data , rather it was born in Big data world. Among of few of the capabilities of this Product are Business user data mashup and modelling, BI platform integration and Metadata management, Interactive Visual exploration, Easy of use , Colloboration and sharing and Embedded BI. 

Though we connected "Arcadia Instant" directly with Impala, connection was firstly inconsistent like when query Cloudera , we see data table but while fire query from Arcadia , it throws error saying schema not available. We convert imported files into parquet.

It was later , we discovered that we should user Spark SQL to query data but Arcadia Instant is also slow. As the instant only has reporting engine and the computation is serviced by another server which is in Cloud. So, you also may say that the internet connection is important for "Arcadia development". 

Post installation of Arcadia Desktop, you should start Arcadia Server and Launch a browser which look pretty easy as below:

In the above panel, we may build new data connection and add new dataset.

We have to stop amazon cloud services due to recurring cost just for a POC. So, for sake of this post, I am using excel as source and things are similar with any other source, only we require IP address, port and user credentials. 

Firstly, lets import csv file into samples data connection (provided by Arcadia). Once you press at add data , we can browse and select required csv. After that you may confirm import to load the file.

Now, we will create dataset under same "samples" data connection.

Our dataset is on financial stock , newly created dataset appears under "sample". I have named it "FinStock_CSV". 

 Building data model is again very simple and straight forward. You have to open the dataset and go to Data Model. 

If you feel you lost somewhere, my screenshots rather to difficult to digest then you may check the down below link:


Once you configure joins between different tables, you may preview data using show data:

You may choose this option to check data correctness before going to next step i.e., building your dashboard.

Now the final step is creation of visuals using the data connection and data set from previous steps.

You can choose "new dashboard" option to build first dashboard. You have to edit the visual to configure x-axis , y-axis and even to chose chart type. Like here, I have created simple line chart showing "Ticker" and Adj. High stock price.

Similarly, we may create another bar chart showing various price such as high price, low price and open price in tool tip. 

For more customization and promote user interactivity , we may add filters from the right panel like here, I have added for company, industry, executive name etc.

Hope you like building your first dashboard with Arcadia Instant. 

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